Wrestling is a year round sport where champions are built when the competition is taking a break.

At Lake County Wrestling Club we subscribe to that philosophy

by offering training programs throughout the year

in Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman.

  There are few training facilities that offer all three styles of wrestling under one roof.


preseason - august - october

The focus of preseason is getting reading for the school Folkstyle season whether it is IHSA, IKWF or IESA.  Whether you're planning on competing at Preseason Nationals, Mat of Dreams Duals, Conflict at Carver or just want to be the best when the Folkstyle season officially begins - this is where the work counts.


Preseason Cost:    $200

USA Wrestling Card Required:  $50 (card is valid for the 2019-2020 season)

We include an optional Sunday practice so those multi-sport athletes who cross-over into wrestling on a per session basis ($10).

in season - november - march

Continuation of Folkstyle wrestling training straight through to the State series

In Season Cost:  $200

USA Wrestling Card Required

Fresh Soph and girls State

Continuation of Folkstyle wrestling training straight through to the IWCOA State series. 

In Season Cost:  $125

USA Wrestling Card Required

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freestyle/greco - march-july

This is the Olympic style training season where wrestlers are developing additional wrestling styles and many focus on the journey to Nationals known as "Fargo."


The best kids in the USA wrestle FS/GR in the Off-Season. In order to improve in wrestling, you need to chase your best competition. While wrestling substandard competition might boost your confidence, if you want to be the best, then you must compete with the best.  The off-season provides you with the opportunity to become the best!

Freestyle/Greco Cost:  $250

USA Wrestling Card Required

Singlets Available for Purchase (FS/GR set)

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